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Route 5

Posted by professer on 2005.08.05 at 17:43
Place-Route 5

Rules-Fight the trainers, Must post up to 20 comments(can go over).

Objective-Fight two on two battles with 2 trainers.

Start Off-After a few battles and leveling up my two Pokemon, I took alittle rest next to a giant tree, when suddenly 2 little boys came over to me and asked me to battle them. I accepted and the battle witht the first boy started...

Regon Leader-Prof. Watt( professer )

Route 4

Posted by professer on 2005.08.05 at 17:38
Place-Route 4

Rules-Must post till both your pokemon get to level 15.

Objective-Fight off the same Team Shine member you fought before, and fight some wild pokemon(DO NOT CATCH!) till you get both your pokemon to level 15.

Start Off-I held my brand new Pokemon Egg firmly in my hands, being very carfull, when suddenly I saw a man in a yellow jumpsuit. I tried to sneak past him, but he saw me and he shouted that i was the same trainer that beat him before, and he demanded a rematch...

Region Leader-Prof. Watt( professer )

Main Road

Posted by brw_0074 on 2005.08.03 at 18:08
Place-Main Road

Rules-Must post 10 comments or more.

Objective-Fight some trainers, find a pokemon egg, meet a new trainer who wants to join you(this is optional, if you do decide to have a trainer join you you must tell his name and tell his pokemon, he/she may only have two, can not be legends, you must meet them through Role Play mode, you have to act out both characters if you do)

Start off-Well I was on my way down the Main Road that leads from Liverift Town, when all of a sudden 3 Trainers challenge you to a three against one battle.

Region Leader-Prof. Watt( brw_0074 )

Liverift Town

Posted by brw_0074 on 2005.08.03 at 11:35
Place-Liverift Town.

Rules-Must have 10 postor more(never respond to your own, only to the ones ment for you the region leader post).

Objective-Defeat the gym leader, and get the Lynix Badge.

Start Off-After a few days of traveling, I finally made it to Liverift Town. I went to the Pokemon center and made my way to the Gym.

Region Leader-Gym Leader Alison( brw_0074 ).

Liverift Forest

Posted by brw_0074 on 2005.08.03 at 11:33
Place-Liverift Forest.

Rules-Must post 10 comments inroleplay mode(don't respond to your own comment, only respond to my comments meant for you).

Objective-Fight two trainers.

Start Off-(You choose).

Region Leader-Prof. Watt( brw_0074 ).

Route 3

Posted by brw_0074 on 2005.08.03 at 11:24
Place-Route 3.

Rules-5 post in Roleplay mode.

Objective-Fight off a Team Darkness member in a two on two duel.

Start Off-After that battle with that Team Shine member, I thought it wuold be easy from here own in, but as soon as I looked into the distance, I saw a woman in a purple outfitt looked me in the eyes and smiled.

Region-Leader-Prof. Watt ( brw_0074 ).

Route 2

Posted by brw_0074 on 2005.08.03 at 11:18
Place-Route 2

Rules-Must have at least 5 comments, role play mode, responding to the region leader.

Objective-You must run into a Team Shine Grunt and fight him to a two on two battle.

Start Off-I was walking down a dirt road when all of a sudden I saw a strange man in a yellow jumpsuit. I walked by him, and in shock, he forced me to a battle.

Region Leader-Prof. Watt( brw_0074 ).

Route 1

Posted by brw_0074 on 2005.08.03 at 11:13
Place-Route 1

Rules-5 post in role play mode!

Objectives-Catch first pokemon(I will decide when you will have the random battle, and what the pokemon is).

Start Off-(Trainer Name) was own his/her way to the next town, seeing the Seenite Lab in the distance brought a smile to his face.

Region Leader-Prof. Watt( brw_0074 ).

Seenite Lab

Posted by brw_0074 on 2005.08.03 at 11:05
Place-Seenite Lab.

Rules-You must post up to 5 comments(You can never respond to your own comment, ONLY RESPOND TO THE COMMENTS MENT FOR YOU FROM THE THINGS THE LEADER OF THE REGION SAYS IS MENT FOR YOU!).

Objective-Get your first pokemon.

Start Off(MAKE SURE THIS IS WHAT YOU START OFF WITH)-It was a day full of sun, I Name of your trainer goes here) was own my way to Professor Watt's lab to get my first Pokemon.

Region Leader-Professor Watt( brw_0074 ).